This is an unpleasant problem: 80% of people suffer from backache at some point. There are many sources of backache such as, herniated disks, sitting in the wrong position, straining or incorrect use of the back muscles, stress or pregnancy. It is important to find out the cause of the backache in order to target the treatment and to avoid backache in the future.

Pain in the neck, shoulder or arm (RSI, CANS)

Pain in the neck, shoulder or arm is often caused by repetitive movement or bad posture. The pain is common in people who spend many hours working on the computer. Symptoms can be pain, loss of strength, tingling sensation in the arm or hand and a weary feeling in the arm. The symptoms start gradually and become steadily worse.


Headaches can have an enormous impact on your daily life. There are various forms of headache such as headache caused by tension, migraine, facial pain or cluster headaches. It can sometimes cause pain in the jaw or dizziness or earache. The pain can radiate to the neck and shoulders. Headaches are often related to work pressure or stress. It becomes extremely difficult to concentrate when so much is going on in your head!

Pain in the wrist

Pain in the wrist can be caused by a sports injury or strain due to, for example, using a mouse incorrectly. It can cause pain or a feeling of immobility in the wrist.  Sometimes it can be so bad that you just don’t know any more how to rest you wrist comfortably. This is tough because we need our wrist so much to type or play a musical instrument.

Pain in the hand

A hand injury is very inconvenient. We use our hands for so many things on a daily basis that we don’t even know how dependent we are on them. That makes it even more tricky when we can’t use them properly any more. Pain in your hands can have many reasons such as arthritis, tendinitis, trauma, fracture etc. You are in good hands with us!

Rug vrouw


Are you finding it difficult to find a comfortable position because everything hurts? This can be the consequence of having a sedentary job where you spend hours sitting at your desk or in the car. This puts too much fixed strain on the muscles so that too little movement takes place. The muscles can become numb and cause localized pain. As you keep changing position to ease the pain you end up in a viscous circle.